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YAPC Europe Foundation - Contact Information

Mailing lists This open-membership list is dormant, except during the lead-up to a YAPC::Europe conference. Topics on the list include calls for papers and participation, hotel information, and general discussions about the conference.

To subscribe, either send an empty mail or visit the conferences mailing list at: This is a list for workshop, conference and hackathon, organisers. For membership, see the organizers mailing list at:
YAPC::Europe Foundation Email
Please note that these lists are moderated. Messages will generally be passed to the list quickly, but in the event of a delay you may wish to bring this to the attention of a YEF member.
committee@yapceurope.orgThis is the general-purpose address for the YAPC::Europe Foundation. Requests for donations should be sent to this address.
pr@yapceurope.orgThis is the YAPC::Europe Foundation public relations committee.
www@yapceurope.orgFeedback on this website.
venue@yapceurope.orgThis is the YAPC::Europe Foundation venue committee, which is responsible for evaluating YAPC::Europe submissions.
workshops@yapceurope.orgUse this address to contact the workshop committee.
Other Media
Twitter We primarily post announcements via Twitter. It is not a recommended way to contact us. We primarily post announcements via It is not a recommended way to contact us.
Facebook We primarily post announcements via Facebook.