BHX to Birmingham City Centre (by taxi)

Birmingham Airport (BHX) to Birmingham City Centre (by taxi)

Outside the terminals, there will be a queue of taxis. Please note that you are expected to queue for taxis, if others are waiting. A taxi journey will take approximately 20-30 minutes from the airport into the city centre. Fares will vary depending upon where your hotel is located, but expect to pay between £15-£20. If there are several of you, this can work out cheaper and more convenient than the train.

A word of warning about taxis: In the UK a law has now been passed regarding travel by taxi.

  • A "Black Cab" taxi with an orange "TAXI" sign can be hailed from the street, or at a designated taxi rank, but only if the orange light is on.
  • A "Private Hire Vehicle" (PHV) can only be pre-booked through a licensed PHV operator. If you hail a PHV on the street, the vehicle is automatically uninsured and you are at risk in the event of an accident. All PHVs should be clearly marked and must have a Birmingham Council license clearly displayed.
  • Avoid any other vehicle that may look like a taxi, regardless of what the driver may say.


If any directions are incorrect, please email The Organisers as soon as possible, and we will amend the directions.