New Street Station to your hotel (by taxi)

Birmingham New Street Station to your hotel (by taxi)

From the platform, follow the main exit signs, and head towards the turnstiles. Once through the turnstiles and bear right and head outside the doors. As you reach the drop-off area, follow the railings to your left to join the queue for the taxis.

Taxis from New Street to Jury's Inn or nitenite should only take about 5 minutes at most and will cost about £3. Other hotels around the city centre will have a similar fare.

A word of warning about taxis: In the UK a law has now been passed regarding travel by taxi.

  • A "Black Cab" taxi with an orange "TAXI" sign can be hailed from the street, or at a designated taxi rank, but only if the orange light is on.
  • A "Private Hire Vehicle" (PHV) can only be pre-booked through a licensed PHV operator. If you hail a PHV on the street, the vehicle is automatically uninsured and you are at risk in the event of an accident. All PHVs should be clearly marked and must have a Birmingham Council license clearly displayed.
  • Avoid any other vehicle that may look like a taxi, regardless of what the driver may say.


If any directions are incorrect, please email The Organisers as soon as possible, and we will amend the directions.