Balti Night (aka The Conference Meal)
Balti Dish

The Conference Meal is now booked. We are planning to have a Balti Night as the conference meal for everyone, including any partners and family that attendees are bringing along with them. Initially we did wonder how on earth we were going to fit over 200 people in a single restuarant built for less than 100? However, thanks to JJ, we've managed to find a TARDIS! The meal venue will be Second City Suite, who have a purpose built hall for large weddings and events. They specialise in Indian weddings, and as such are more than able to accommodate everyone and provide a very enjoyable evening.

Second City Suite has a capacity for up to 800 for sit down meals, so they can more than cope with us. The food will be a buffet style arrangement, so you can pick and choose dishes to try. There will also be vegetarian options available. We haven't seen the full menu yet, but we will try ensure there is as wide a selection as possible, so everyone can experience a delights of a good Brummie Balti.

The Conference Meal will take place on Thursday evening (31st August). Second City Suite is a short 15 minute walk from the venue, so we will be arranging a walk from the Conference venue to Second City Suite for everyone. However, if you are staying at a Hotel not near the venue, or wish to make your own arrangements, we will be providing directions during the conference.

As part of this booking, we need to know exactly who will be joining us. So if you are planning on bring partners or the family, you will need to let us know as soon as possible. At the current time there will be no extra charge for partners and family, however we may need to make small charge for guests if numbers increase dramtically over the next few weeks.

Want to know more about a Balti? Following the links below for further information.

For those getting to Birmingham before the conference, we are planning a meet up on the Monday night (28th August). We'll meet at a local pub and once everyone is assembled, we'll wander onto Broad Street and take in a Balti restaurant. If you plan to be in Birmingham (or are a local) on Monday night, please add your name to the wiki page, and we'll make sure you know where we'll be, so you can join us.