Website Registration Opens

A Call for Participation is now open.

On the website the register button (at the top of the right hand panel) is now active for you to register your interest in attending.

Website Registration

Prior to booking a place on the conference register, individuals will need to register on the website. Fill in all your details and submit. The system will create a login for you so you're ready for conference registration.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration for the conference website and the conference wiki are two different mechanisms and are not integrated.

To register for the website, please click on the 'Registration' link in the top box on the right hand side of the page. From here you will be presented a registration screen. Please enter your details and click the Register button. Once successfully registered, you will be automatically logged into the system. From here you can then register for the conference.

Conference Registration

As mentioned in a previous backstage bulletin, we have two types of conference fee available, a standard rate and an individual rate.

Note that all payment processing will be handled by PayPal, and we will not process any of your credit details.

To register for the conference, please click on the 'Registration' link in the second 'Conference' box on the right hand side of each page of the website. From here you will be presented with either Standard or Individual registration button. Click the appropriate button and complete the following screens. The final confirmation screen will include a PayPal button, which you can click to complete the payment process.

The standard rate of £100 (approximately 150 Euros) per attendee is for businesses who would like to send attendees and make a single payment. On the standard rate registration screen, please enter the appropriate details for each attendee and complete the payment process. Receipts will be available for collection at the conference or can be sent by recorded delivery, fax or email as requested.

The individual rate of £75 (approximately 110 Euros) is for those attendees who will be handling all the registration and payment process themselves. Prior to registering with the individual rate, you will need to login or register to the website. On the individual rate screen, please verify your details and complete the payment process.

Attendees registered through the standard process, may register for the website at any time, although the automated process will create a basic login once payment has been cleared. You will then be required to login and complete registration. Note that you will need to register with the same email address as supplied on the standard form. If there is any change to these details, please let us know as soon as possible.