YAPC::Europe Deadline Closed Posted by Barbie on 05/06/2006

The deadline for talk submissions is now closed.

Many thanks to everyone who submitted talks to us for this year's YAPC::Europe. We are very pleased to have plenty of talks to give us some fun trying to figure what goes where now :) We have a wide variety of talks, both in subject matter and in their target audience, so there is most definitely going to be something for everyone.

However, 2 talks were spotted in spam filters this morning, so we are a little concerned that we might have missed more. If you have submitted a talk, but not received an acknowledgement for them, please get in touch with us at The Organisers as soon as possible.

With any organised event there are always unforeseen occurrences that mean speakers are unable to attend at the last minute. As such we are hoping that some of you will be willing to have talks in reserve. For those that have submitted talks already, if your talks don't fit into our schedule, we will be asking if you are happy for us to have them on our reserve pile. In the event that you have missed the deadline, but would still be willing to give a talk, you may submit talks to us, clearly marking the subject with 'Reserve Talk', as per the original Call For Papers, which we will then keep in reserve should we need them.

Thanks again to all the prospective speakers for making this week a rather interesting and challenging week for us :)