YE2006 - Backstage Pass - Bulletin 7.1 Posted by Barbie on Mon May 22 12:55:42 2006

The YAPC::Europe::2006 Backstage Pass
Bulletin 7.1
- A 'Behind The Scenes' missive from the organisers

"If I were a rich man"

As we've had several requests to know the pricing structure and although we've were unable to get them into the official bulletin number 7 we've decided to give you a heads up on where we are right now.

We have two fees available, one for individuals and another for businesses. Payment will be processed by PayPal, which we hope will provide confidence, and removes our need to directly handle credit card payments and hence the details associated with them. We regret, that based upon experiences of previous organisers, we will be unable to process purchase orders, or accept payment by any other means.

The individual rate of £75 (approximately 110 Euros) is intended for those who will be registering and paying on their own behalf. Only one booking per transaction will be accepted. We will not be issuing receipts on the individual tariff, as paypal will provide record of payment and we anticipate those travelling on expenses will use the corporate rate.

The corporate rate of £100 (approximately 150 Euros) per attendee is intended for those representing or funded by their employer or businesses. Any number of attendees may be booked in a single transaction. Receipts will be available for collection at the conference or can be sent by recorded delivery, fax or email as requested.

"Ways and means"

We plan to announce these prices more widely with the launch the online registration process which will follow shortly, so please look out for the next official announcement.

"Go with the flow"

We have been fortunate to receive a steady stream of submissions, and have been very impressed by the quality and breadth of subjects covered. However, we would like more as the deadline (Friday, 2nd June 2006) is fast approaching. If you would like to present, and have not yet prepared your proposal, please help us out by getting the email out to The Organisers. Further details can be found on our site on the Call For Papers page.

That's all for this bulletin, we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at YAPC Europe 2006, here in England's Second City.

The Birmingham 2006 Organisers