YAPC::Europe::2006 - The Aftermath Posted by Barbie on Fri Sep 08 16:07:36 2006

Welcome to the last announcement from the organisers of the 2006 YAPC::Europe Perl Conference in Birmingham, UK.

Thank You

Many many thanks to all our sponsors, speakers, crew and to everyone who came along to enjoy the delights of Birmingham. Judging from the feedback we've had, everyone seems to have had a great time at the conference and got to see some fantastic talks. We only wish we could have seen them too ;)

Vienna Here We Come

Congratulations to for the winning bid to host the 2007 YAPC::Europe Perl Conference. We wish them all the best for YAGC (Yet Another Great Conference), and look forward to seeing everyone again. We just wonder whether they really know what they've let themselves in for ;)


Several people asked for receipts during the conference, but failed to collect them. If you still need receipts, please get in touch and we'll send you a link to where you can download yours. Please supply your name, email address and company (if appropriate) so that we can correctly reference you within the system.

Talk Recordings

We managed to record the talks held in the main hall, and are looking to get permission for the speakers to release them. If you are a speaker expect an email in the coming weeks outlining what we plan to do, and what we need from you to release the talks.


A few weeks prior to the conference, the organisers realised what the value of a survey of attendees could be for future organisers. There were several poignant questions that sponsors asked of us, that were impossible to answer with real data, as it doesn't currently exist.

As such, we plan to notfiy all attendees and speakers of an online survey that we would like them to complete. The intention is to provide anonymous statistics that help to persuade sponsors that they really are going to get the kind of exposure they want. In turn this will hopefully mean more sponsorship and less pressure for future organisers.

The Future

Like several YAPCs previous, are now looking to host a Perl Workshop next year. We have yet to discuss the details, but you can expect to hear more from us sometime in 2007. Hopefully José's Perl Workshop Tour will include us on his route across Europe :)

Unlike some hosts though, our numbers are not going to dwindle away, as we plan to continue to provide some great technical meetings and great company at our social meetings. So if you're ever in the area, please feel free to drop us a line and let us know, as we'll be delight to see you. And no excuses now that you know where to find us ;)

Thank you one and all, for helping us make this a conference we are pleased to have been a part of. See you next year in Austria.

The YAPC::Europe::2006 Organisers

YAPC::Europe::2006 was sponsored by

Morgan Stanley, Systems Mechanics,
Shadowcat Systems, Outcome Technologies,
Google, Shopzilla,, Belfast Perl Mongers,
UKFSN, AnServe, TSS, Jon Allen,
logicLAB, Positive Internet, UKUUG,, Apress, O'Reilly Media, & Manning

YAPC::Europe::2006 | 30th August - 1st September 2006 | Birmingham, UK